The first China County Financial Engineering Summit Forum was held in Wuda


  On March 30th, “China's County Financial Engineering Theory and practice” and the first China County Financial Engineering Summit Forum were held in Wuhan University. Authoritative scholars from all corners of the country conducted a collision of ideas and explored how to use financial means to promote the high-quality development of the county economybull market.

  professor Ye Yonggang, director of the China Center for Financial Engineering and Risk Management at Wuhan University, said that the county economy is an important foundation of the national economy. However, China's county economy is mainly part of the traditional economy and is the weakest link in the dual economy. The overall scale is small, the urban and rural economic development is unbalanced, the financial structure is unreasonable, the capital loss is serious, and the financing of SMEs is difficult. "The county financial project we proposed for the first time refers to the systematic project of effectively arranging financial resources under the premise of controlling financial risks and promoting the steady and sustainable development of the county economyNeo skin lab."

  Ye Yonggang said that the county financial project mainly solves four problems: what is money, where the money comes from, where the money goes, and how the risk of money is controlled. Around these four issues, the China University of Finance and Risk Management Research Center of Wuhan University cooperated with the Hubei provincial party Committee and the provincial Government to propose 10 measures for the company's shareholding and listing and listing in the multi-level capital market, and created in practice " Demonstration of Tongshan Mode and Huanggang Mode.


  From the practical point of view, these measures have indeed been effective in promoting the financial services real economy. Now it has been fully implemented in Hubei province. The next step is to promote these successful experiences to the whole country. Ye Yonggang said that so far, the "Hubei model" has entered JiangxiHong Kong itinerary, Hunan, Hainan, Jilin, Shandong, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and other places.

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