Chicken-shaped parrots become internet celebrity in China

Big eyes, rouged cheeks, yellow feathers and most importantly, exaggerated facial expressions - this pair of what seems to be chickens looks funny and naughty Neo skin lab. But wait…if you take a closer look, you’ll see these birds are actually parrots.

Known as the No.1 newly emerging web celebrities of 2017, the Poinko Brothers have been widely used on Chinese social networks at the start of the Year of the Rooster during the Chinese Spring Festival period, as they are mistaken for a pair of chickens by most people Neo skin lab.

As of Feb 9, the characters were a hot topic, discussed 27.33 million times on the Sina Weibo platform, a Chinese version of Twitter, and won the favor of an overwhelming number of domestic netizens.

"They have replaced Kumamon as my new favorites. Every time I post my status to show my current mood reenex facial, I will attach a picture of them because they can bring more likes from my friends," Weibo user Po Xiaohai said online.